Monster Strike Hack

Monster Strike Hack for Orbs & Coins

If you want to collect all of the monsters in Monster Strike, you’re going to need lots of orbs and coins.  Orbs can be purchased using real money but many players choose not to spend theirs on a free game.  That’s why we’ve recently added the Monster Strike hack to our collection.

The Monster Strike hack tool lets players add unlimited amounts of orbs and coins to their accounts for free.  The tool works for both Android and iOS devices.  You can download it right here at AppGameCheats.

After downloading the hack for Monster Strike, you’ll see the options menu pictured here.  Follow the instructions below to run the hack.


The Monster Strike hack tool automatically installs after you download it.  Begin by picking the type of device you are using to play the game, either iOS or Android.  Now you can type in the amounts of orbs and coins you want to add to your account.

Tap the “Start” button when you’re ready to begin the Monster Strike hack.  The tool will finish working in about 25 seconds but it can take up to a minute depending on your connection speed.  When the hack is complete, open your Monster Strike app and you’ll see the orbs and coins have been added.  Have fun collecting all of the monsters without having to pay!

Cheats & Tips for Monster Strike

Know The Elemental Chart: A lot of games use an element for characters, with Monster Strike also using elements in the monsters. You want to make sure you know the elemental types of each monster, because this will help you in terms of battles. Fire beats grass, grass beats water, and water will beat fire. Light and dark will both beat each other since they cancel each other out. It is important to remember the elements of your characters so that way you can build a team that is balanced with characters playing off the weakness and strength of the other.


Make Friends: You want to make friends in this game a lot because you can end up taking the other player’s monsters into your battles. If you take an online player’s monster with you into battle, you will earn something called friend points, or FP for short. You can actually use the friend points on the Hatcher. Once you play with someone in the online part of Monster Strike, it’s best to send out friend requests so that you can build up a friend base quickly. There are also Facebook groups and social media groups for the game, which is another way you can make friends that can help you out during the game.

Play on Weekends: Monster Strike is a game that you really want to play on the weekend, because there are a lot of limited-time events and special items you can get on the weekend. There are timed weekend-only events and quests that can give you a lot of the really good loot found in the game. You also end up getting more super rare items on the weekend because the drop rates are higher, such as the Divine Sharl Catalyst. The Daily Expie quests are also better on the weekends because the Expies are more powerful during the weekend hours opposed to the weekday hours.


📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Work On Speed Clear: In Monster Strike, you will get a bonus called the Speed Clear Bonus, which is when you defeat a boss in a certain number of moves. If you get the boss in the amount of moves the game says, then you will likely get a rare egg or Catalyst drop. If you are playing Monster Strike in normal mode, it should be easy to get the Speed Clear bonus, but the extreme and impossible modes are what gets you the really good bonuses and items. You want to remember to take the right elements into battle so that you can earn the bonus, which means the opposite of what the boss is, such as using fire if the boss is wood.

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