Kritika: The White Knights Hack

Kritika: The White Knights Hack for Karat and Gold

If you are playing Kritika: The White Knights, then you know that there are in-game items you can purchase to help you through the game. These items include karat and gold, but these purchases cost real money, and this gets expensive really quickly. This is why HackCrackInjectorhas put out a free hack tool, which you can use on both Android and iOS to get unlimited amounts of karat and gold for free.

Look at the picture below to see how the Kritika: The White Knights hack generator options menu is setup, which is really easy to use, and it is completely safe for your device.


Simply download the Kritika: The White Knights hack tool, which takes about 30 seconds, and you will see it automatically installs as well. The download and install should both take 30 seconds, but it depends on your internet connection. You will then need to choose which device you are using, either iOS or Android. You will be able to type in how many karats and gold you want to add to your account.

You will need to click “Start” to begin the hack process, which takes about 45 seconds to complete. Once the tool has finished working, you can open up Kritika: The White Knights on your device, and you will notice that the karats and gold have been added to your account. You can then use these items to help you through the game, and you can continue using this tool as many times as you want.

Kritika: The White Knights Cheats & Tips

I have searched on Google for cheats to use during my Kritika: The White Knights gameplay. The first few pages on Google were all links to websites that claimed they have a working hack or mod program that you could use to cheat in this game. For the sake of this review, I have downloaded one of these hacks. The hack claimed it would activate the cheat mode in your game and give you unlimited karats and gold coins. Before I could even download this alleged hack program, I needed to fill in and complete a survey. It might sound weird but filling in surveys actually generates an income for these fake websites. After I had filled in the survey, I downloaded the cheat tool and quickly found out that the cheats do not work at all. These cheat websites dupe people into believing they will be able to have unlimited things in their games and just make money off of them. Instead of looking for cheats for Kritika, I will give you some tips and tricks that can help you in your gameplay.

Kritika: The White Knights Gameplay Tips

In Kritika it is all about hacking-and-slashing and you might wonder if your thumbs will get tired by doing this. Do not worry because you do not have to keep tapping that attack button, you can just hold it down and your character will attack automatically. Also try to use your skills as many times as possible, especially in the beginning stages of the game. Regardless of your character, skills take a very low amount of mana points at the beginning so you can just spam them as many times as you want.


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After you have cleared out enough levels and you have leveled your character up to level 5, you can start crafting weapons using the materials that you collected. Crafting is one of the best ways to obtain new equipment, which is useful because your equipment gets underpowered and damaged fast. Another way to get better equipment is to combine your old equipment together. When you have four pieces of equipment that you do not use anymore, you can combine them together for a newer one. The higher the rarity of the four pieces are, the better the result will be. One thing to watch is that you might run out of gold coins while doing this because it costs a lot. If you cannot afford to combine equipment pieces, simply sell them for gold coins.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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