King The Mmorpg Hack

King The Mmorpg Hack gameplay, choice of character classes, guilds and more. If you like your action thick and fast with a retro-console feel, this is a game you’ll surely want to check out.

King The Mmorpg Hack
King The Mmorpg Hack

King The Mmorpg Hack  is a new (guess what genre this game is) for the iPhone and iPad by Coco Entertainment, whose biggest hit up to this point has been Chaos Fighters. This one, unlike that one, follows more closely in the footsteps of games such as WOW and Dragon Bane Elite, with a system of questing, battling, building guilds and taking it as far as you can go.


Read on for some tips and tricks for King: The MMORPG!

It’s real easy to complete quests in this game. All that you have to do is to tap on the upper left quest menu and autorun to the next quest, and repeat over and over. However, don’t be afraid to go outside of the autorun and explore around. Know who you have to talk to in order to accomplish what, and look around for some hidden secrets or other goodies that you wouldn’t normally find just blowing through the game.

For gaining experience levels, completing quests is typically the fastest way. However, you’ll gain experience from killing monsters too, so if you need to go AFK for awhile (or away from screen, as it were), set the phone down, shut off the screen lock, put auto battle on and let your character go to town and gain levels while you’re doing whatever you do.

Want to make it easy to find more friends? Go to the social tab, then hit the “nearby” button, and a list of people who are near you in the game (not in real life) will pop up. Add each of them, then redo it over again at another time, or while standing at a different part of the stage.

Pay attention to the current events that are going on, as those can often earn you some fairly hefty rewards. When there are events, participate in them as much as possible, as not only will you earn rewards from emerging victorious, but simply for participation in and of itself.

Keep an eye on your equipment. Always equip any new weapons that you get (unless you get crappy equipment), and enhance it to increase its statistical and defensive properties. Sometimes, just having the right equipment can put you over the edge in battle.

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