Ice Age Avalanche Hack

Ice Age Avalanche Hack Tool For Gold Coins, Stones, Lives

Here at AppGameCheats, we know how important it is for you to have all of the important in-game items to help you get through the game and get the highest scores possible. While you can purchase the gold coins in the app store, this does cost real money, and we know that is often a burden for some people.

If you would like to get unlimited gold coins, stones, and lives for free, you need to download our free hack tool, which will automatically give you as many of these items as you want.

If you check out the below picture, you will see the options menu on the hack tool, which is really simple and easy to use even if you have never downloaded or used a hack tool before.


Simply download our free hack tool for Ice Age Avalanche, which takes about 30 seconds, and then after it automatically installs you are on your way to getting your items. The install will also take about 30 seconds, and after it completes you will need to select whether you are playing the game on Android or iOS. You can then input the amounts of gold coins, stones, and lives that you want to add to your account.

Once you have done that, simply click “Start” when you are ready, and the hack will begin working its magic, and this should take well under a minute to complete. Of course, all of the times depend on your download speed, so it can take from 20 seconds to 90 seconds to complete each part. Then, you will just load up the game as you normally would on your device, and you will see the gold coins, stones, and lives added without issues. This free downloadable hack tool gives you the freedom to use as many of the in-game items as you need for as long as you need, which helps make the game more enjoyable.

Ice Age Avalanche Tips and Tricks

Start From the Bottom- Just like in Candy Crush, this is a match three game where you want to start at the bottom of the board, and then work your way up from there. Since the goal is to match the three fruits, it’s better to start at the bottom because then the other rows and columns will fall down, and this will help you match more fruits in less time. This is especially important to do when you are on a limit in terms of how many moves you can make. If you start at the bottom, you might end up getting 5 or 6 matches going all in one move, as opposed to spending 3 or 4 moves to get the same amount of matches. It might not always be possible to start at the bottom however, since the higher levels have obstacles that you have to overcome in order to keep making moves, so this tip is only for when it is appropriate.



📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Don’t Waste Boosters- If you get boosters in the game, you want to keep them as long as you can, since you will need them in the higher levels. While you might want to waste the boosters on the lower levels just to get past them, you really need to save as many special items and boosters as you can. The higher in level you go, the more difficult it will become to get the matches, and there are also obstacles in the way as well. If you end up wasting the boosters on levels that are fairly easy, then you will be tempted to purchase the gold coins so that you can get the boosters from the store, and then you end up spending real money when you could have just saved the boosters to use later on.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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