Cooking Fever Hack

Cooking Fever Hack for Coins and Gems

Cooking Fever is such a fun and addictive cooking game, but if you are playing Cooking Fever you will notice that you need to have a lot of coins and gems to progress through the game. The bad part about this is that getting the coins and gems requires you to pay real money through the app store, and this can get expensive.

If you don’t want to spend real money on the coins and gems, then you need to check out our free coins and gems generator, which gives you these items for free.

Simply check out the image below to see what the hack tool looks like, and you will notice that the options menu is really easy to understand and setup to input how many of each you want.


All you need to do is download our free hack tool for Cooking Fever right here, which takes around 30 seconds to download, and then it will automatically install. Once it installs, which takes about 45 seconds, you will need to pick either Android or iOS depending on which device you are using. Once you pick the device you are using, then you can input the amounts of coins and gems that you want to add to your account.

Tap “Start” when you are ready to begin the Cooking Fever hack, which takes less than 40 seconds to complete. Once this hack tool is done, you can then open up Cooking Fever on your device, and you will notice that the coins and gems are already added to your account for free. Using the Cooking Fever hack tool gives you all of these items for free as many times as you want and it’s safe to download and use on any device.

Cooking Fever Cheats & Tips

For any cheats the best I can recommend is using what I call the “Once a day” system.Its useful if you want to earn a couple hundred extra coins (starting at five hundred). And get a little ahead really early in the game. To use this cheat, you play the game only one time a day, leave it alone overnight and the next day you’re able to claim the coins. The only downside to this cheat is that it’s constant and requires you play the game at least once and if you don’t or forget it you’ll have to start over additional work your way back up from day one except without the daily coin bonus.

Invest in your interior so that your customers will have a longer waiting period, giving you more time to cook and serve them and invest in the smaller upgrades such as a quicker soda machine, a second burger pad and food warmer. All the little things help you in the
long run of the game.

Use hamburger or hot dog buns in order to prevent your food from getting cold.  Cold food will make your customers unhappy and give you less tip.  This will reduce the amount of money that you receive after they pay for their food.



Upgrades that helps increase the amount of food cooked includes any upgrade that allows the ability to cook more than one food at a time or an upgrade that allows increased storage of food.  This will allow you to serve more food and conserve more food as well.  The food warmers will allow the ability to store the food before it gets to the customer.

If you’re following the rule above and keeping food warm, then you’re ready to increase the quality of the food.  By increasing the quality of the food, you’ll be able to sell your food for higher prices and therefore, gain more profit.

Serve the people in reverse order of how they’re feeling.  If they’re feeling angry, then feed them first.  This will allow you to serve the most customers as possible.  After they begin to get angry, they’ll leave your restaurant and you won’t be able to profit from them.  So by serving them in reverse order of emotional state, you’ll be able to get more money in the long term.

If you’re running out of money or need an upgrade of some sort.  Repeating stages is allowed.  If you replay an old stage, you’ll receive the same amount of cash as you did when you first competed the stage.  This will grant you more money and allow you to afford better upgrades or better items.

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If you’re running out of time on people getting too angry and then leaving, make sure that you load up on interior upgrades.  By doing so, your customers will be happier and they’ll wait longer times for their food.  Give your customers a place to sit.  If you purchase upgrades such as tables or stools, your customers will wait longer times as well.  Some upgrades will help with different aspects of the game.  For example, Disco balls will help increase the tip that you receive when you serve your customers.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

When you’re at the lower stages of the game, try to get as many coins as possible from your customers by getting the most tips and keeping them happy in order to increase tip. By getting ahead from the start, you’ll be able to afford more expensive upgrades or items in the future.  This will skyrocket your money and allow you to have an easy time when it comes to making more money due to the money maker upgrades that you get.

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