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Candy Blast Hack Tool for Gems and Moves

Candy Blast Mania is one of the most addicting match-3 puzzle games out there, and if you are playing this game, you know how essential gems are to get boosters and other much needed items for the game. This is also a game where you need a lot of moves sometimes to beat the levels, but the moves and gems both cost money in the App Store, which most people don’t like spending their real money on.

Since Candy Blast Mania is such a popular puzzle game, we at HackCrackInjectordecided to include it into our hack tool database, which means that we made a hack you can use to get free unlimited moves and gems.

Check out the image below to see the options menu, which is where you will put in the amounts of moves and gems that you want to add to your account.


Simply download the Candy Blast Mania hack tool, which will take around 30 seconds, and you will notice it will automatically install after it completes the download process. It should take no more than 60 seconds to install, but it depends on the speed of your internet and device. You will then need to select what device OS you are using to play Candy Blast Mania, such as iOS or Android. You then will be able to select how many games and moves you want to add to your account.

Simply tap “Start” to run the Candy Blast Mania hack, and it should take about 30 seconds for the hack process to finish. Then, you will simply open up the game on your device as you normally would, and you will see that the moves and gems are added to your account. This free hack is safe to use and completely free, and it will help you get through the levels of the game without ever needing to purchase in-app items.

Candy Blast Mania Cheats & Tips

In Candy Blast Mania, there are several tips that will help you advance through this game. The first tip is that you should always know your power ups and boosters. If you know your power ups and boosters, then you will know exactly when to use it and exactly where. One should not use these randomly because these power up items and boosters are scarce and also if you use them all up, you will need to buy them using real cash (it isn’t mandatory to though!). Since Candy Blast Mania recharges these power ups several times during a day, you have to take advantage of these chances and use them wisely.

Secondly, during gameplay, you should make priority of your game objectives. Such as when the evil Gummy Bear King will throw obstacles at you, you have to take out his health, and the game objectives is the thing that will let you pass the level if you clear them. So firstly, clear the game objectives, secondly defeat or lower the evil Gummy Bear King’s health points, then focus on getting more points to collect stars! Lastly, if you are in dire need of gems, if you decide to connect Candy Blast Mania to your Facebook account, you will receive 40 free gems.


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Puzzle games are high in demand these days in the mobile game department. One reason is due to the success of Candy Crush, by King. Candy Crush was a highly successful game that gained popularity due to its simple yet smart storylines, colorful and delightful candy designs, the bright and cheerful graphics, as well as the addicting music.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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