Bitefight Hack Tool

Bitefight Hack Tool

Bitefight Hack Tool is a browser based game where players battle each other as either vampires or werewolves. Players must hunt demons, vampires, werewolves, & men to earn gold, train skills, and upgrade their hideout.

Bitefight is a popular browser based game by Gameforge, the same publisher behind Ogame, Ikariam, and Gladiatus. The game is most similar to Gladiatus but has a horror theme where players chose to play as either a vampire or werewolf. PvP plays a large role in Bitefight and players can be attacked by others at anytime.

Bitefight pits players against each other in the classic battle between vampires and werewolves. Each side must hunt demons and work at the graveyard to earn gold with which to better equipment selves, train their skills and ready themselves for this epic struggle. Bitefight is very similar to Gladiatus but with a horror theme rather than the Gladiator setting. Gameplay requires minimal player input so this is mostly a waiting game with pictures and text rather than a full fledged graphic user interface.

Bitefight Hack Tool 2015

Bitefight Hack Tool 2015

Casual gamers and those who lack access to decent equipment have found Bitefight entertaining, but the huge advantages enjoyed by premium users cause heavy balance issues.


This hack was created especially for you. In order to simplify the game in BiteFight.
The program was written by Cayenne.
Hack can add to your account things such as: Gold, Shards, Hell Stone, Health, Battle value and raise the level of play.
The program works 100%, it has been tested in several countries on different servers.
No user has been banned because the program has installed a proxy server.

Game Introduction: Bitefight is a free-to-play fantasy game set in a world covered in a blanket of darkness. There is an ongoing battle for domination in this world between werewolves and VAMPIRES; join this feud and get ready for intense battles by moonlight. These ferocious creatures are both constantly searching for fresh blood and show no mercy when fighting against their enemies. Decide which faction you will side with, and roam the cities in the online game Bitefight in search of new victims.

Equip your character with powerful weaponry and armor, and hunt down your opponents. Monitor your character’s defense, dexterity, endurance, charisma, experience and health statistics to ensure optimal performance in the grueling duels. You are assigned your own hideout in the browser based game Bitefight, where you store your treasure box of valuable items, your protective gargoyle guardian and the almighty book of the damned.

As you roam the shadows of the world, you can collect powerful items that will enhance your skills and chances of victory. Your character’s attributes in Bitefight will fluctuate as you battle against enemies, and it is important to allow time for these attributes to be replenished. Explore the mines of Mulgador in search of the mystic Hellstone crystals. These crystals will enhance your character’s skills and abilities in the browser based game Bitefight. Form a powerful clan with your allies and embark on group adventures under the night sky.

Vampires are a race of humanoid creatures, known to lurk the shadows at night in hopes of stumbling upon victims, on which they feed. As humans are not supernatural beings, they offer next to no resistance, yielding a sizeable amount of blood (if you are lucky enough), but barely enough gold to satisfy but the poorest of bloodsuckers.
Those stronger beings in search of riches are usually seen wandering the Grotto or fighting against Werewolves, their eternal adversaries (and by far their most challenging to fight).

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