Band Stars Hack for Coins

Band Stars Hack for Coins, Drinks & Inspirado – iOS & Android

If you’re tired of having to spend your money on coins, inspirado and drinks in Band Stars, then you need this hack.  Getting stuck in Band Stars is frustrating and no one wants to spend money on a game that is free to play.

Using the Band Stars hack tool enables players to add unlimited amounts of coins, drinks and inspirado to their account for free.  The tool is available for both Android and iOS devices and has been tested to work 100%.  It’s free to download the hack here at AGC.

Once you download the Band Stars hack, the options menu will appear on your screen.  These instructions will show you how to complete the hack.


If you don’t see the options menu right away, don’t worry.  Sometimes it can take a few seconds to appear, the hack installs automatically after you download it.  First you need to select the type of device you are using to play Band Stars, iOS or Android.  Next, type in the amounts of coins, drinks and inspirado you want to add to your account.

To begin the Band Stars hack, just tap the “Start” button.  This will initiate the hack process which takes about 20 seconds.  When the hack is complete, open your Band Stars app and you’ll see the coins, drinks and inspirado have been added.  Now you can enjoy playing Band Stars without ever having to worry about making in-game purchases!

Cheats for Band Stars

Use Inspirado to Write Songs: The inspirado is what you use during this game to play the solos during the recording process. If you have your band members free jam while not in the middle of recording a song, you can earn more inspirado. The inspirado needs to be saved for the solos, so you don’t want to waste this on anything else. The more inspirado that you save, the more solos you can do, and the better your song will do on the charts, which means you will score more points and money.


Buy Band Members Often: In this game, you will really want to get as many band members as you can, which does take a lot of coins to achieve. The more band members you have, the more music you will be able to record, which gives you more chart-topping hits and more coins to use in the game. You will also be able to complete more challenges and get more fans if you get more band members in the game. Think of it like this, while it will take a lot of coins to get a lot of band members, in the end it will payoff because you will be able to play endlessly and have a lot more variety in terms of what you are doing.

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Record Songs A lot: In terms of music, you have the money you get for the song itself after you sell it, and then you have royalties. Royalties is where you earn money over long periods of time as long as the song is still playing. You want to record a ton of songs in Band Stars Pitch Perfect 2, because the more songs you record, the more royalties you will get. If you record four or five each day, you will have a lot of coins coming in from the royalties every day, and that is on top of the money you get from selling the song in the first place. It’s like with anything else, if you want more coins and fame, you need to record as much as you can and put in the work, and you will then see it pay off.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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