Adventure Town Hack

Adventure Town Hack for Gold and Gems

Adventure Town is one of the most popular city building strategy games out there for iOS and Android devices. In Adventure Town, you need to get a lot of gems and gold in this game in order to purchase and construct buildings, as well as buy items you need to progress in the game.

If you want to get gold and gems for free, you need to check out our hack tool, which gives you unlimited amounts of these items, and this is completely safe to use on both Android and iOS devices.

Check out the image below in order to see how the Adventure Town hack tool works, with an options menu that allows you to put in how many of each item you want to add to your gaming account.


All you need to do is download the Adventure Town Hack tool, which takes about 30 seconds to download, and it will automatically install at that point. The installation should take about 30 seconds as well, although both times depend on the speed of your internet connection. You will then need to select either iOS or Android, and that depends on which device you are using. Then, you can enter the amounts of gems and gold that you want to add to your account on the options menu.

Simply tap “Start” to begin the hack tool, which should take no longer than 45 seconds to complete. Once the hack has finished, you can open up Adventure Town on your device and you will see the gems and gold have been added to your account already. You can use this tool as many times as you would like in order to continue getting the gold and gems for free.

Adventure Town Cheats & Tips

As for most games which feature building for profit, there is one simple trick which the user is able to do to maximise their profit.

Leveling isn’t always the best thing to do. Every time you level up, your enemies become tougher and stronger and will be harder to beat in battle. In the lower levels, you should find it extremely easy to beat enemies – this isn’t quite so in the higher levels.


This is also more of a tip than a cheat – but upgrading your house’s isn’t always really worth it. There are better things that you can invest your money in, in order to maximise your profit. Upgrading houses generally cost one thousand coins gold but only boost the houses by thirty gold every eight hours. This works out to take well over two hundred and fifty days to break even. This is a general rule of thumb for upgrading shops too – don’t upgrade you shops past level two.

You should also only kill enemies if it is a quest or has been requested. It usually drains money, and this is the last thing you want to happen when trying to expand your Adventure Town!

Fruit shops are most certainly the most profitable buildable thing, and break even takes next to no time. Instead of investing your hard earnt Adventure Town gold into other things, get as many fruit shops as you possibly can. At a relatively early level, they will give four hundred and fifty gold every eight hours – which is far better than the other buildables! It works out at one thousand eight hundred gold every single day!


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Only expand south-west, because this is the cheapest option. The south-west expansions are no better than any other, so save your gold!

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