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Rope Escape Hack for Coins, Rockets, Magnets

If you are currently playing the fun adventure rope swinging game Rope Escape, you will soon realize that you need a lot of coins, rockets, and magnets to help you get through the various environments. It is important to remember that it costs real money if you want to get these items from the app store, and that gets expensive quick.

If you want to get coins, rockets, and magnets for free, you need to check out our hack tool, which we have made that gives you unlimited amounts of these items.

Check out the picture below, which shows you how easily the hack tool is to use, with a simple options menu that guides you on where you need to input the values of each item you want to add.


Simply download the free Rope Escape hack tool on our website, which should take about 30 seconds, and then you will notice it automatically installs. You then will need to select either iOS or Android depending on which device you are using to play the game. At that point, simply enter the amounts of coins, rockets, and magnets that you want to add to your account.

Press “Start” to begin the hack tool, which takes about 40 seconds to finish, and then just load Rope Escape as you typically would. The coins, rockets, and magnets are added on to your gaming account ready for you to use at that point. This hack tool lets you avoid having to ever pay for coins, rockets, and magnets in the game again.

Rope Escape Tips and Tricks

As I mentioned before, Rope Escape is a fairly simple game, but there are enough traps and secrets hidden in the game to take even the most experienced gamers by surprise.

First and foremost, I’d like to broach the subject of the TNT trap blimps that the devs had the, *ahem*, great idea of adding to Rope Escape. If there was ever a pitfall in a game that had me stomping up and down, it would be these darningly-deceptive blimps that explode when you try to grapple onto them with your rope, which just send your ragdoll character flailing towards the ground at warp nine speed. Adding insult to injury, the same ground that breaks your fall also incidentally breaks your character into many separate pieces. As you might imagine, this probably isn’t quite the kind of thing you want when you’re 100m away from beating your high score. In summary: don’t swing onto the red blimps. Just don’t. (Fun fact: blimps will crash into trees and set aflame if you hang from them long enough; don’t worry, this won’t hurt your character)

Another important tip to keep in mind while playing Rope Escape is to continue upgrading. Since you can only beat high scores with the best power-ups available, you’ll simply stagnate if you spend all of your money on the initial rocket boosts (more on that in a moment). A good upgrade to select would be the Coin Magnet upgrade; this allows you to attract and collect coins without directly touching them. Since you can only buy upgrades with the golden coins you collect in the game, this upgrade would be a great first choice, and will ensure you collect coins with greater ease in the future.


📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Rope Escape gives you the option to purchase rockets that will immediately take effect as soon as you launch yourself from the catapult to start the game. You can choose to buy 3 different rockets with varying prices and strengths, ranging from 20 to 50 coins. This secret comes in handy, especially when you’re trying to beat your high score (or a friend’s for that matter)!

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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